Small in size, big on history!

Our area is packed with local heritage that can be hard to spot, no longer there, abandoned, in ruins, restored, public or private.

The buildings have fantastic architecture because of the wide variety of rocks due to our location on two geological basins: sedimentary Aquitaine and metamorphic Limousin.

These structures capture our history and show how our ancestors lived.

Where do you find them?   

There’s no real map but almost every hamlet has a well, washhouse and bread oven. 

  • The fountains are devoted to saints and some are said to be miraculous, just like in Priest les Fougères, Chalais and Corgnac sur l’Isle. They were used a lot back when there was no medication.
  • Wooden, stone and iron crosses tend to stand on the way into villages or on crossroads.
  • There’s a lovely dovecote on the way into Jumilhac le Grand.
  • There’s only one dolmen left in the area and it’s in Saint Jory de Chalais.
  • Sundials tend to be in old churches such as in Saint Jean de Côle, Saint Front d’Alemps and Jumilhac le Grand.
  • Then there are bridges, drystone huts, chapels, oratories, a cup and ring mark, weighbridges, shoeing stocks, sculptures on buildings, memorials and more.

The Tourist Information team will be delighted to help.
For further information about looking after local heritage or visiting it : Caue (Urban Landscaping and Environment Board)

  • Fountain guide (available to buy at Jumilhac Tourist Information)
  • “Exploring Jumilhac le Grand” guide (available to buy at Jumilhac Tourist Information)
  • Hit the PDIPR footpaths starting in the villages to explore local heritage.

What’s hot : 

You have to do a bit of digging to find them

What’s not :

You have to do a bit of digging to find them