Do you want to see another side to Périgord Vert? Hunt for Poi’z on a unique treasure hunt in Nouvelle Aquitaine !

What are Poi’z? They’re Zellé, Zéroïk, Zécolo, Zouti, Ziclou and a whole bunch of colourful characters with big personalities that you need to find !

Experience a new activity blending hiking, local heritage and geocaching.

Download the free app, pick your route based on theme, duration, difficulty or location, Download the route information and you’re off !

How to find Poï’z ?

These pranksters are hiding in villages, next to paths, under rocks and more. Remember to download your route as the network can be just as mischievous as our friends the Poi’z.

Go on an adventure with more than 400 routes! Follow the instructions and solve the riddles. All the numbers you find provide a GPS code that will take you to the location of the Poi’z. Work out the mystery word and check it on the app !

A little message for the community is always welcome !

You have a pass so don’t panic if you make a mistake! But don’t make more than 3 mistakes or else you need to find 10 caches to get your passes back.

OK, here’s a tip but shush, don’t tell anyone else ! You can contact the Tourist Information team who will be delighted to help you !

As a “terr’ aventurier” you can create your own Poi’z and hide it near the cache or swap it with the community.

WARNING : Addictive ! Please Poi’z responsibly !

Also, you can walk or cycle the 1-16km routes but we’ll let you use a car or other vehicle for routes in excess of 50km!

Find Zéroïk in Saint Jean de Côle (link), Zouti in Thiviers, Zellé in Jumilhac le Grand (link) and Zécolo in  La Coquille in the heart of the Périgord-Limousin RNP .

Poi’zez vous bien !