Get stars in your eyes in Périgord. All you need to do is look up on a clear night !

Everyone enjoys gazing at the stars and moon when the night is clear. Around Bastille Day, people have fond memories of watching shooting stars with family or friends and dozing off on the trampoline ! 

Stargazing is a breeze here. We’re lucky that we’re far enough from town centres and their light pollution !

4 of our villages even switch off their streetlights so we can really enjoy the show !

You don’t need to be a scientist to know your constellations and spot the planets. Just take time out to look into the sky and marvel at the universe in all its glory. 

You may be lucky enough to see a meteor shower or watch an eclipse. When you gaze at the starry sky and the craggy moon, you unleash your imagination and picture other worlds.

What better way to feast your eyes! A dazzling adventure awaits.