“Few places in France give visitors the chance to experience the fun and unique activity that is gold panning. You can give it a go here because our rivers are home to little gold flakes.”

Join your guide Philippe Roubinet, a professional gold digger and former miner.

The class starts with an overview of the geological formation of gold deposits in France and mines from the time of the Gauls to the present day.

Philippe will tell you about gold: its properties and how it’s used in industry and crafts around the world. He will also discuss the mines that existed here and where he worked for 20 years.

After a demonstration, it’s your time to shine! You will be shown how to handle the pan with your feet in the water.



  • Location : At the foot of the magnificent Château de Jumilhac on the Isle riverbank.
  • Duration: ½ day
  • Price: 20€ per person/16€ per family
  • Recommended for children aged 6 and over, under 12s must be accompanied by an adult attending the class
  • Equipment provided (pan, shovels, sieves, tubes, safe, scales etc)
  • Bring appropriate clothing for an outdoor activity (sun cream and/or warm clothes) and appropriate footwear to go in the water. We can lend you shoes if required.
  • Booking required at Jumilhac le Grand Tourist Information: +33 (0)5 53 52 55 43

Booking required at Jumilhac le Grand Tourist Information :

+33 (0)5 53 52 55 43 

Each participant keeps in memory the sequins and semi-precious stones found in the river

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